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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 6 Funniest Architecture Bumper Sticker

I love bumper stickers. When you're stuck in the traffic jam, one of the short, yet delightful distraction from all those annoying car horns and everything is reading bumper stickers in the cars in front of you.

They're often humorous or witty, offer you a glimpse of smile (or even laughter) between the hectic day you're having. Sure, some can be not funny at all or even offend you. But hey, isn't that all jokes sometimes do?

It turns out that many websites offer various types of bumper stickers (yeah, what business owners in this day and age that don't have a website?). Yesterday I browsed these various sites and found some interesting and funny bumper stickers.

Of course, they are in architecture and/or comic book/geeky stuff themes.

So, I present to you a long internet tradition that I have only begun to do, the list articles! (come on, you know that various news, feature, or even comedy sites often do what basically is listing stuffs they think are of their readers' interest!).

Here they are, in subjective rank from 6 to 1 :


I didn't know Magneto had an opening in the Brotherhood.


Then again, if Magneto had an opening...

Wait a minute, what if you had to pull an all-nighter being a CAD monkey and the world needs you?


This is more like it, both architects and ninja ARE creatures of the night.


Innuendo, I like it. I just hate the font they use on main text.


Another innuendo. Who needs the little blue pill when you're an architect?


Yes, it's an innuendo also, but I can't help it. It's so simple and sweet. As the great Stan Lee used to utter, "Nuff Said!"

So, what do you think, gentle readers? Which is your fave? Or do you have one of your own? Feel free to send me!

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