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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Modern Wing Chicago Art Institute, Chicago Illinois

I admire Renzo Piano  and I like the way he thinks through a sketch. Just look at the sketch above. There's a "story" there, even if it;s just one piece of sketch. Taht, my friends, is the true art of architecture is here. The uniqueness of an architect's dynamic visual thoughts is shown in this. All the best minds did it before: Palladio, Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer, Jørn Utzon, you name it.
More about Renzo and his Building Workshop here 
And now, for one of his works that I love so much, continue reading after the break.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cool Stuff From My Hometown, part 3

As I posted earlier, Bandung my hometown is a city full of beautiful, old buildings from the Dutch colonial era. One of such building is the Driekleur building.

My First Robotic Rendering

During my first days of SketchUp learning curve, the Google 3d Warehouse was (and still) my best friend. For those of you not familiar with the site (or just new to SketchUp), Google 3d Warehouse is basically-as its name suggests-a repository of 3d models made with SketchUp, Google's ridiculously user friendly 3d modelling software. And my God, it really is a huuuuge repository.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Teach Your Children The Alphabets...With Uncle Logan And Friends!

Sean Murphy is my newest favorite comic book artist. He's currently doing a project with superstar writer Grant Morrison entitled "Joe The Barbarian", published by DC's mature publishing line, Vertigo. Beside the awesomely dark yet poetic story that Morrison writes, the book's selling point for me is Sean Murphy's ability to render beautiful and moody interior shots.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cool Stuff From My Hometown, part 2

Dubbed 'minimalistic design', this approach to post-modernity is currently a trend at least in my hometown; especially among young, newlywed couple.
Never mind the fact that the maintenance cost is gonna be enormous since Indonesia is a tropical country so those sealed-shut windows will bleed the electric bills a lot from air conditioning alone.

Design Is...

William Pena summed it up best : programming is problem seeking, design is problem solving. Thus, design is not merely a process to create something unique or avant garde. First and foremost, design must solve problem(s).
But, what is design according to the Internet?

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Batcave Interior

This place in my opinion, is the coolest superhero HQ ever! It's even better than Superman's Fortress of Solitude or even Fantastic Four's Baxter Building.
But how does it actually looking from the inside? For those of you wondering, here are the interior shots of one of the most famous architectural masterpiece in comicbook, The Batcave!

One more reason to visit Paris this year

Wow, this seems like an exhibition tailor-made for me.
Architecture and comic books in one place! 

It turns out, there are other people besides me that thinks there is a connection between architecture and comic books beside the gigantic amount of caffeine comsumed by professionals in both fields, particularly when deadline beckons. And what city is more perfect to display that than Paris?
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