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Monday, November 16, 2009

Architecture Is The Weirdest Thing

Architecture is the weirdest thing. its like a science – calculated and physical, and like an art – creative and thoughtful. and in this, it is in constant strife with both itself and everything around it. architecture can only progress through conflict: conflicting its contrary concerns and conflict with everything around it.
There is only war with architecture and the world. the battle is massive, but the gains are relatively minimal. but architecture prevails in its comparative chaos because it understands people, the people just fail to understand it. so we wage on in this war unaware of how it erodes our souls and builds our bodies.
Architecture is the work of angry gods. chipping away at physicality, until everything reaches perfection.
So ends this first post.


  1. Nice architect building....
    Weirdest than i ever seen....

  2. That's a building in Vienna by Frank Gehry, one of the architects whose genius is borderline madness. He said it was inspired by the shape of two people dancing, hence the name of the building "Fred and Ginger". That's Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers-singers-actors-dancers couple from the golden age of Hollywood. If you watched Wall-E you probably remember the old singing and dancing movie that Wall-E watched.


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