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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Iron Man 2 Poster!

Yahoo! Movies has debuted this first poster for Marvel Studios' Iron Man 2, which Paramount Pictures will release in theaters on May 7.

The poster gives you a first official look at War Machine!


Pretty awesome isn't it? I think I'm having a nerdgasm!

Now I have one more reason to gasp beside imagining Scarlett Johansson in the Black Widow outfit.....

...or Mickey Rourke as the baddie Whiplash in a costume which I consider way,waay better than the comic book S&M version :

I don't know why, comic book Whiplash always made me go 'meeh'. I mean, he wants to beat someone who's basically a living fighter jet with a porn movie props?That's really disturbing!

Fortunately, in the coming issues of Invincible Iron Man, Marvel decides to re-design his outfit (see below) to make it more resembles its movie counterpart. I usually hate movie costume re-design, especially if it's too radical. But in this case, I think I can agree with the new look; although for the how it's going to work in the comic book, we still have to wait and see:

Anyway, I can't wait fot this movie which I hope to be another blockbuster for Marvel!

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