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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A thank you note to Zoundry Raven

First time blogging I use the default online Blogger editor. Then since I found out that I have more ideas for my blog offline, I searched for an offline blog editor. Turned out there are so many of them. After tried almost all of them, I fell for two freeware applications: BlogDesk and Zoundry Raven. They both are in my opinion the most powerful blog editor, but in the end, my choice is Zoundry Raven.

The reason why I have chosen this editor and writing about it is that I could install it as the portable version (it will be automatically named as Zoundry Raven 2 Go) on my usb stick. I really love portable applications because I don't have Internet connection at home and like I said, I tend to have more ideas while I'm not browsing.

Well, the number of posts on this blog doesn't quite show the number of ideas I have, I admit. But, right now, all I gotta do is write them down in the Unpublished section of the 'Raven and hopefully, it'll be worthy of publishing one of these days.

So, thank you Zoundry Raven!

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