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Monday, February 8, 2010

A little recommendation for your crib... if you're Norman Bates

In lights of recent event in Indonesian pop culture scene,in which an actual horror movie (it's quite scary and not some crappy excuse for a softcore porn movie)made it at the box office without any cheap sensasionalism, I decided to post something a little gory (the said movie is a slasher flick, FYI).

Hey perhaps, any of you is a serial killer and is in need of a designer's professional advice? Take a look at these :

Designer Amy Lau was inspired by the serial killer show on Showtime (which is Dexter) when she came up with these dining room chairs. The chairs are decorated with embroidered blood spatters. There are also bloody dinner plates and disfigured flatware to match, available from Spring Design.

Product designer Antonio Murado also came up with his blood-filled inspiration for your evening tea.

No table is more awesome than this design by John Nouanesing...

Something for your romantic candle-light dinner... (the definition of 'romantic' may vary, though)

With all these implements of destruction this tableware, you need a tablecloth to match. The Bloody Hand Tablecover is available through Amazon. (click it and make me a little richer, please!)

The Japanese-who keep reminding us that their main export is madness, not electronics-also come up with this Blood Bucket Lamp that looks like it's pouring all over your desktop, but the blood is the stem and base. Also available in a wall version, and in white if you're squeamish.

Another proof of madness of the Japanese..

These aren't really blood bags, but packaging of towels that lends a gruesome sight to your linen closet. There are towels for each blood type, sold at Loft Umeda in Japan.

Talk about towels, if you can't get enough of blood in your dining room. Go splatter your inspiration in your bathroom. Showering and/or taking a bath is not complete without this bathroom mat...

Guaranteed to NEVER make your bathroom looks clean nor safe. But what's more awesome than showing the world that you'd just wrestled the Norman Bates from Psycho in your bathroom AND WON?

Oh, speaking about Norman Bates...

You'll never be able to shower without cursing Alfred Hitchcock first.

And last but certainly not the least, a birthday gift if you're a friend of Mr. Bates...

As always, click the picture(s) to make it (them) larger.

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