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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Incredible Interior I : The 3 C's of Furniture Arranging

New label, ladies and gentlemen! As the name suggests, Incredible Interior is my attempt to share what little knowledge I have regarding interior design; tips and tricks and everything. Of course, the posts under this label will also be littered with geeky, comic book stuff since that is the main theme of this blog.

You know, like comic book-themed furnitures, such as this Wonder Woman lamp :


Or this Avengers storage box :


Or this folding chair right here :


If you think the furnitures above are a little juvenile or are not 'artistic' enough to fill your living room, remember that-believe it or not-placing those furnitures above or those fancy leather sofa you have always been dreamed of will face you with the same dilemma, the "furniture placement dilemma".

Have your ever been in that kind of dilemma?

I know I have been asked way too many times about this, so here are a few suggestions you might consider when facing the "furniture placement dilemma"!

1. Place large furniture pieces first. It's definitely a mistake to start with your smaller pieces. I guarantee your frustration level will definitely increase if you try to start the process with small tables and accent pieces.

2. In rooms with vaulted ceilings, you might want to place your largest furniture pieces close to the highest wall. Furnishings such as oversized entertainment armoires immediately come to mind. Can you visualize a large entertainment center placed on a small wall opposite a high wall in a vaulted ceiled room? Balance and symmetry would immediately fly out the window!

3. Try angling your furniture. When your furniture pieces - chairs, sofas, and loveseats are all lined up flat against a wall, you lose the opportunity to create interesting conversational groupings, let alone the fact that this room now resembles an office waiting area!

4. When selecting furniture to be placed in smaller rooms follow these rules of thumb:

Pieces with rounded corners will work best

Don't select large or oversized pieces

Try to find case good pieces that are tall and shallow to give your small space more height.

Open shelving styles will help your space seem more expansive

Opt for a more tailored look in upholstered furniture pieces

And above all, remember these three important guidelines, the three C's I wrote about in the title: Convenience, Comfort and Composition!

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  1. did you took the liberty to cover those things with comics?


    btw, i also added you as friend in blogcatalog! tnx!

  2. Uhh, no. I don't have a heart to do that to any books, frankly. These pictures are the results of taking snapshots at a furniture expo (it's not really comic book pages, they are kind of scans or something like that) and Googling around.


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