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Monday, February 15, 2010

Japan's Fun Trains

As someone who holds a great fascination with built environment design (that's architecture, urban design, and interior design), I always appreciate town planners and city administrators who take great concerns regarding public transportation. Personally I think the better a city's public transportation is, the better the life of the citizens are. And that, ladies and gents, is the sign of a modern, ecologically sound, and friendly city.

Unfortunately my city's powers-that-be do not think so. Their solution to the ongoing traffic jam problem is to widening the streets, forcing people to recede their front yards or in some cases to have NO front yards at all.

The problem is not that those people are not fairly compensated, they are; but if this is the solution for traffic jam (and other traffic-related problems like the ever-increasing air pollution), pretty soon we'll all live a la Ninja Turtles-underground and in the sewer.

Public transportation is one of the best solution; it carries a lot of passengers, cheap or affordable, and takes some of the load off the streets. The problem is how to make those things safe and comfy enough so that those yuppies will gladly leave their cars in the garage and go to work everyday by using buses or trains.

Well, how about these?

Enter the Japanese solution, behold the Ichigo Densha!

Kinda like a regular train, right? Let's see inside...

The strawberry painted on the wall and a peek of the warm, wood-surfaced interior, this is getting better...

Is that a pantry? Wow, I've seen dining car in trains and they are not as cozy as this!

Looks like fun, isn't it?

Well, our next train is even more awesome; behold, Omoden!

As with the Ichigo, the looks of these fabulous trains can be quite deceiving. But let's see inside...


Action figures in the shelf! My geekself cries in happiness!

Parquette-plated flooring gives us another warm,cozy,and clean interior. You wouldn't mind standing all the way on your trip.

Baby crib. This is both awesome and very considerate. Highly appreciated.

Now who said that public transportation should look vile, dirty, and very much the exact opposite of the word 'humane'?

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