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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to decorate small room

Decorating a small room? While these spaces can be a bit challenging, here are a few ideas that you might find beneficial in helping your small space take on a much larger look!

Furniture: Smaller scale pieces are a must. Opt for a loveseat paired with two small swivel chairs, instead of a large sofa and loveseat combination.
You’ll also want to look for pieces that feature curved arms and backs. Curved pieces work very well in small spaces because they tend to help the eye move easily from one piece to another. When adding wood pieces into a small space you should try to incorporate pieces that have open bases rather than wood pieces that are solid to the floor. By adding open based accent pieces you are allowing for more visual movement in your room.
Mirrors definitely provide a spacious feeling to any small space, as well as a fashionable touch. But, if you’re adding mirrors to a small dining room, be careful to not place them at eye level when seated. Most of us don’t enjoy watching ourselves, or our guests eat! If you wish to mirror an entire wall, consider the changes it will create in your room’s visual dimensions. It is usually best to mirror a wider wall to avoid creating a tunneled feeling.
Lighting is an effective tool for any small room. Track lighting or wall lights definitely help to brighten walls. Adding “up” lights in corners will also create a more spacious feeling in your small room.
Color schemes for small spaces can vary dramatically. If your small room features a tremendous amount of natural light, then you might have a bit more latitude in your color selections. Even darker, bolder shades work in small spaces, when natural light is abundant. However, if your small room features limited natural light, then a brighter, lighter color palette is definitely preferred.

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