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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Architecture Inspired by Tetris

Years ago, Indonesian market was flooded with palm-sized Tetris. For a geeky kid like me, it was almost like owning those fancy scientific calculator but instead of doing trigonometry, you get to play one of the simplest yet addictive game of all time.
Apparently, I'm not the only one fascinated with Tetris...

This is a housing structure that sits in Madrid and was designed by architect Blanca Lleo, who seems to be either way into Legos or Tetris.
Personally I say, wtih all the interlocking L-shaped blocks, it's Tetris.

A design firm called N-Blox proposed this residential building in Toronto, Canada. Looks like a Tetris building… if only it were coloured.

There is also these too-cool wooden "Tetrad" shelves come flat-packed so you have to put them together yourself.
Obviously, this has to be done to the accompaniment of the Tetris music, and moving increasingly faster as you progress.
Luckily, the horizontal bottom row will not disappear if you manage to complete it.

I have no idea what or where this is, certainly a CGI,but it looks really awesome.
Oh, if construction industry really works this way..

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