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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Flash as a builder (or the return of Silver Age sci-fi)

The Flash #2, which is released about 3 weeks ago (I know, it's a little late. Sorry), showed us the fight between the newly-resurrected Barry Allen and the future version of The Rogues-which apparently are heroes in the 25th century. As always in almost every case with superhuman fights, the civilians take the most suffering. But in this case, they are somewhat compensated, albeit a little...risky. What is it?

The fight between The Flash and the Future Rogues resulted in a tremor, then a fire that soon engulfed a nearby apartment building.
Determined to help the occupants not to lose their homes, Barry did not let little things like knowledge of building structure let in the way. He rushed to the local library and relying on his powers of super speed to learn as much as he can about the aforementioned scientific and engineering obstacle (and presumably also about architecture), before rushed back to the site and began the construction process.
The problem with writer Geoff Johns' story here is that no matter how fast (or super fast) The Flash can learn about civil engineering and architecture (in a public library, no less), and no matter how fast he can build an apartment all on his own, there is still one thing The Flash can't beat-the process and time of building materials to 'gel' together and create a load-bearing and sound structure.
Allow me to explain.
The Flash certainly can, for example, paint the whole building in a matter of seconds but can he accelerate the paint to dry out?
Or accelerate the drying process of the cement that bound the bricks?
Or the concrete?
Thus, by doing the deed above-no matter how well-intentioned-Barry Allen practically curses the entire building occupants of living in a dangerous environment which would collapse anytime.
Even if it's awesome to have The Flash build your house, engineering-wise it's dangerous.
Welcome to the Brightest Day era DC, where corny sci-fi from the 60's makes a comeback.
Maybe the Flash should read this one favorite book of mine.

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