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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Stuff from My Hometown, part 1

From now on, every once in a while-that is whenever the mood strikes me, I will post something in this blog about interesting stuffs in my hometown. Architecturally speaking, of course.
Bandung, Indonesia is a city adorned with old buildings that-as far as I'm concern-are like fine wine, getting prettier with time.
What's interesting with these old buildings are, they are not only significant in the context of history and nostalgia factor, but also they inherently hold important values in regards of architectural design.

Take the above picture for example. It's the front facade of Hotel Savoy Homann, one the first Art Deco building in the whole country and during its Golden Age, it's so awesome that once it was the chosen staying place of Charlie Chaplin when he was in town.

Another interesting part for you history buffs is that in front of this hotel stands a tall inscription containing the Dasasila Bandung (The Ten Principles of Bandung), the result of the Asian-African Conference 1955 held in this city.
Cool stuff, isn't it?

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