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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Architecture in Oa

I love it when every once in a while, comic book writers remind us that beneath their spandex and awesome powers, our beloved heroes and heroines are ordinary human beings with a day job.
Peter Parker rushes to his photography gig, Clark Kent tries to beat the deadline (he does that, doesn't he?), or just a scene of Bruce Wayne dozes off in the middle of Wayne Enterprise's board meeting. These scenes humanize these heroes and make them easier to relate to us, mere mortals.

How about a superhero who is also an architect?
Sadly, we rarely see DC Comics' resident superhero/architect Green Lantern John Stewart on his day job. Is it because it's considered less cooler than his Marine sniper side? He, after all, continued his education as an architect after gained a scholarship from the Marines or some such.
But, last week's Green Lantern Corps #48 showed us a glimpse of Mr.Stewart's architect side as he chats with his fellow GL Kyle Rayner and Ganthet, former Guardian of the Universe who's now being 'demoted' as a GL Corpsman.
I love it when he talks about naming the soon-will-be-built new Oan architecture style. Oa, for those of you unfamiliar-is the planet at the center of the universe that serves as the Green Lantern Corps home world. My favorite name? "Oan Revival".

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