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Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 10 Reasons To Date An Architect

This has become some sort of internet meme, copy-pasted in various mailing lists, and online forums, but since this joke may not be as popular as, say, Chuck Norris jokes because of the somewhat limited exposure of the joke (well, I found this mostly on architects' forum, to be honest); I feel this is my obligation as an architeture graduate to spread this funny list below.

Top 10 Reasons To Date An Architect :

1. all night long, all night strong.

2. we are damn good with our hands.

3. if we can commit to chipboard, relationships should be easy.

4. you should see the things we errect.

5. use to doing things over and over again.

6. finishing early never happens.

7. we know the true meaning of interpretation

8. creative positioning.

9. work well in groups

10. entry and passage are always exciting.

What else is the reason do I post this? Apparently, there are many people that thinks that being architects are sexy, like the scanned article below (click to make it larger), but since I haven't met anyone told me how sexy I am; well, let's just say I need a confidence boost.

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