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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Asgardian Poster

Recently Marvel published Tales of Asgard limited series. Basically it's a collection of old Thor series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, re-colored with today's technology (something lovingly named Photoshop, maybe you're familiar with that?).

What's cool about this limited series is the covers by regular Thor artist, Olivier Coipel. What's even cooler is that Marvel decided to release a poster, combining all these covers into one awesome vinyl spread of 10 feet (approx. 3 meters) long! Check out below, and click to enlarge it, as always :

There's a who's who poster in Marvel website, but unfortunately it's not that clear to me.

If you're interested in knowing one or two characters' names, you can download the above picture, circle the face you want to know and re-send it to me via e-mail.

Now, excuse me while I make a phone call to my favorite shop.

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