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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My First Robotic Rendering

During my first days of SketchUp learning curve, the Google 3d Warehouse was (and still) my best friend. For those of you not familiar with the site (or just new to SketchUp), Google 3d Warehouse is basically-as its name suggests-a repository of 3d models made with SketchUp, Google's ridiculously user friendly 3d modelling software. And my God, it really is a huuuuge repository.
I downloaded several models from there as I learned rendering in SketchUp using the infamous VRay rendering engine and I did not have the confidence of using my SketchUp models as 'victims'. Besides, those who dare uploading their stuffs to the 3D Warehouse must be better than me, right? I thought that could boost up my confidence even a little.
Since it's a really huge repository, naturally I was overwhelmed at first. Thankfully, not for long. I soon downloaded stuffs that suit both my need and my interest-those being architecture models and or course; geeky, sci-fi stuffs.
Here's my first try using VRay for SketchUp, using a model named Mech3. I did not tinker the default setting of the rendering engine save the resolution output, which is 1024x768.
Basically it's a machine-gun-mounting battle mecha designed with two legs. I don't care if it's scientifically plausible or not but it looks like a chicken to me. A deadly,awesome looking chicken.

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