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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Batcave Interior

This place in my opinion, is the coolest superhero HQ ever! It's even better than Superman's Fortress of Solitude or even Fantastic Four's Baxter Building.
But how does it actually looking from the inside? For those of you wondering, here are the interior shots of one of the most famous architectural masterpiece in comicbook, The Batcave!

Back in 1995, legendary Batman artist Dick Sprang produced a lithograph for DC called "Secrets of the Batcave," and it is awesome!
Just look at how many stuffs he crammed into this drawing and those crazy details :

Oh, how times have changed. In the recently-published landmark Batman #700, modern genius artist J.H Williams III produced this cool-looking rendition of the Batcave.
I suspect SketchUp is involved somehow.

Storywise? It's not a bad issue  either.


  1. Sweet...yeah Batman does tend to have the coolest superhero lair...but he can afford to...he's got like a gazillion dollars :-)

  2. Yes. It's it actually makes sense the richest superheroes have the coolest lairs. I mean, Tony Stark built Avengers Mansion, later Avengers Tower, etc. But there are two things about The Batcave that puzzles me: One, how on Earth did Batman put that giant coin inside?
    Two, how did he build it without compromising his secret ID? Did he kill the architects/builders after they're done?

  3. That's a good question...looks like a lot of work for just Alfred to handle. :-)


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