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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Makeover is finally over...for now

New looks, ladies and gents! Hope you like it!
I was bored with the old, standard look and after days of searching and choosing the perfect template (why did it took days? Well, I'm a bit busy and also am having a 'nerdgasm' due the awesomeness of Justice League : Crisis on Two Earths-two words : President Deathstroke!), I finally found one.

As you can see the header is now adorned with something both architects and comic book artists have in common-a picture of a drafting table. I hope that this will symbolize what this blog is all about.
This is not perfect, but for now I am completely happy.
For now.
(Still geeked out by that awesome DVD. Seriously, James Woods as Owlman? Casting genius!)


  1. I don't know, something's still amiss... The font size, type, and color maybe?

    I'm a fan of simplistic design, so I kinda prefer the old one. But still, it's good to have a fresh look :)

  2. I want to convey the fun of these two things and not getting too serious.
    Thanks for the input though!


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