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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And That's Where I Put All My Spider-Man Trades

Ready to show your geekiness to the world?

A time not too long ago, comic book is still considered the bastard child of art and literature-proper only for childish and juvenile materials, never suitable for serious stuffs. Even at one time, comic book materials are considered immoral.

There are some people who still thinks that way,unfortunately. Thank God we now live in a post-modern world with post-modern ethics. Everything that was once a fixed, unquestoinable values are now being questioned. Including the bastard child status of comic book.

Nowadays, thanks in part to the comic book movies fad, becoming a geek is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, with the ever increasing numbers of trades, omnibus volumes, and absolute editions, you now can proudly brag to your friends and guests about your gigantic comic books collection. And these are just the perfect showcase.

Imagined by the designer Oscar Nunez for Mexican Fusca Design the "Comic Shelves" is a simple, but creative idea that looks really good. A hanged book shelf inspired from one of the most powerful tool in storytelling - the comic book word balloons!

Maybe if you have one or two action figures adorning the shelf, that's also a great idea although perhaps a cat will do, too.

There are also the smaller ones, if your book collection is not that big.

These awesome shelf are made from lacquered MDF (that's Medium Density Fibreboard for those of you not familiar with the term), both the walnut and the white finished and available from the Fusca Design website.

(I should get check or something from writing this, shouldn't I?)

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  1. Hello friend,
    When I was a little kid I used to be a big fan of many of the Marvel Comics superheroes especially Spiderman, Batman, Ironman.
    When my son reached the age of 2 I introduced him to those superheroes and he became a big fan until now.

  2. Very cool, Sir!
    You seem like an awesome dad. My parents also taught me how to read from the translated DC Comics. It helped open the gateway to a habit sorely lacking in our society-reading!
    Thanks for the visit, Sir!


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