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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Awesome Architecture-Inspired Typography

 I have to confess I am a bit of a font nerd. I have a folder in my hard drive that contains around 1000 fonts (of which I only fool around with about 1/3 of them). Okay, maybe 'font nerd' is not right, 'font hoarder' is more like it.
Anyway, there are several fonts that I love to use on daily basis. For my architecture/CAD works I love to use Damned Architect because it's free, representing my hand written drafting font close enough and can be found here.

Proving to the world once and again that I am a geek, I also own these unique fonts probably not known outside comic book nerds : Kryptonian (which Superman ancestors used in their blown home world of Krypton and Interlac, the universal languange (and I do mean universal since it's the official languange of the United Planets) used (or will be used?) in the Legion of the Superheroes' far-flung future of  31st Century.
 Some people however, proves that typography and architecture can be married to form an awesomely geeky work of art. Check them out!
Scotland-based artist Christopher Labrooy sure knows how to make words come alive! He combines graphic design and typography to creates three-dimensional worlds filled with wit and whimsy. Experience modern fonts and see the names of famous architects Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Toyo Ito, and Oscar Niemeyer like never before. Cool bonus? At then end, check out some funky fresh typographic illustrations designed for the New York summer streets festival.



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