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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rivalry? Not so much!

Cain and Abel, Superman and Lex Luthor, Liverpool and Manchester United, we all have heard (or even have been going through) some sort of rivalry. Rivalry breeds from competition, and we all are competitive beings. It's not necessarily a bad thing. From competition and our eagerness to be the top dog come innovation, and ideally that's supposed to make our lives getting better every day.
In today's competitive, IT-fueled world, there's no rivalry more legendary than the classic Win versus Mac. Like hardcore football hooligans, fans of both side express their love their chosen system and their hatred of the opposing side. Window (Microsoft) is often accused as the big bully due to their large market share and Apple is the hip, cool minority due their niche marketing strategies.
Can't say I agree or not. Sure, Microsoft often seems like a 'greedy' company (what with the Internet Explorer and all) but they are cooperative enough to support open source software than their rival Apple. Apple for me is such a closed environment that almost Orwellian in their nature.
This opposing nature of company policy leads to the aforementioned animosity and "cold war" among users.
How about in the corporate level of both those companies?
Well, I'm happy to report there is not so much animosity among them. Courtesy of Office Snapshots, I find these two interesting pictures:
This according to the aforementioned website is taken from Apple HQ - Cupertino. What's so "Microsoft-y" about it? Well, see the black keyboard on the left? That's a Microsoft Natural Keyboard there! An MS Keyboard in Apple HQ! Wouldn't that make all hells break loose?
Oh, also look at this one :
Four Apple laptops in Microsoft HQ?
That sound you hear is Steve Jobs' super-villain laughter!

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