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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Avatar movie posters! No, it's the other Avatar movie.

I really loved The Sixth Sense when it first came out, but right now I feel M. Night Shyamalan has lost a lot if his magic; The Village and other of his supposedly sophisticated mashup of horror/fantasy/sci-fi movies are really, really disappointing. So when Night was announced as the director of the Avatar cartoon movie - carefully retitled The Last Airbender so James Cameron wouldn't get pissed off at Nickelodeon - I assumed airbending fans were in for a mass suicide. Then the trailer came out, and it looked awesome. Seriously, just take a look at it :

Now the movie posters have come out, and they're equally as awesome and stylish as the trailer. How is this possible? How is Night not fucking this up? Also, isn't that our first decent look at Zuko, and doesn't he look kind of badass? What the hell is happening here? My brain tells me the movie will be a disaster, but my eyes keep telling me something different. It's all very confusing. (Via /Film)


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  1. saya sih suka The Village. Kalau Sixth sense sayangnya dah ada yang spoiler sebelum nonton. Jadi pas nonton yah dah gada feelnya lagi. Kayanya gitu sih film2nya Syamalan

  2. have you seen the new trailer? I think the scenes are OK, but the acting... And some people are already complaining about the "white" Katara and Sokka

  3. Oh yeah. One of more reasons to be carefully excited with this movie.
    I've even seen the soon-to-be-released wave of action figures..which
    is not that awesome. The "white" Katara thingy is so crazy among fans;
    it's Hollywood what do you expect? I think we should put on hold our
    fan boy mentality of bashing something BEFORE we actually see the
    final product and see the final product.
    BTW, your nickname is kind of funny. Someone who calls himself 'Small'
    I think has a problem regarding his self image. I kid, I kid.


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